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Please remember any way you are able to help us will be appreciated. 

As a small New Zealand charity we rely upon donations, fundraising and grants. We only have a small membership charge so that there is no barrier to joining the community.

We have a just giving page. Click on the button below to be taken straight to the page.

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Tax credits for donations

You can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar you donated to us.

You can only claim on donations that added up to the same amount or less than your taxable income during the tax year.

Who can claim?

You can claim donation tax credits if all of the following situations apply to you.

  • You're claiming as an individual and not on behalf of a trust, partnership or company.

  • You earned taxable income during the tax year in which you're claiming a donation.

  • You were a New Zealand tax resident at any time during the tax year, 1 April to 31 March.

We can provide you with a receipt to take to your accountant.


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