Strategic Plan 2024-2029

“Where we are heading”

Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Turner Syndrome Association of New Zealand Incorporated (TSANZI) recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Aotearoa New Zealand’s founding document. TSANZI is committed to upholding the mana of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation.

Our Purpose (Kaupapa)

Turner Syndrome Association of New Zealand Incorporated is a non-profit organisation with its main focus to provide support to individuals with Turner Syndrome and support to the the families of individuals with Turner Syndrome. We create local and national support networks and aim to provide education, advocacy and awareness.

Our Aspiration (Te wawata)

Growing our membership in number and diversity and creating strong partnerships with Health New Zealand, the Māori Health Authority, iwi/Māori, doctors, nurses, specialists, tertiary educational institutions, schools and businesses to enable us to provide support, education and awareness.


v  Support beyond limits (manaakitanga)

v  Bridging connections and enduring relationships (whanaungatanga)

v  Championing Advocacy

v  Illuminating Education and Awareness

v  To inspire by example (tūao)

v  To hold ourselves to the highest standard (whaiwhakaaro)

Strategic themes and objectives

1.       Strive to improve the community of those with Turner Syndrome and their families


a.       Connect with our community, whanau, people to understand future needs

b.       Increase engagement and loyalty for members and volunteers

c.       Revise our website

d.       To put together a series of national events annually including at least one in person

e.       Recognising the variety of our membership when putting on events

f.        Supporting our regional volunteers to put on at least 4 events annually

g.       Continue to work with our partners Turner Syndrome Australia to facilitate our members having access to Trans-Tasman events

h.       Create and foster Asia-Pacific Partnership / International Partners

i.         Invest in our brand to grow support and engagement with our charitable purpose

j.         Foster community pride

k.       Foster community resilience


2.       Grow our partnerships


a.       Grow our evidence base

b.       Develop new strategic partner relationships with Health New Zealand, the Māori Health Authority, iwi/Māori, doctors, nurses, specialists, tertiary educational institutions, schools and businesses

c.       Support world class clinical care for people with Turner Syndrome


3.       Work with people, whanau and medical community in ways to improve the lives


a.       Improve equitable and wellbeing outcomes for all members including Māori and Pacific peoples

b.       Engage with our members and whanau about Turner Syndrome and support them to live well

c.       Enable people with Turner Syndrome and their whanau to live well and access care


4.       Grow and diversify revenue, ensure financial stability


a.       Develop new funding and diversify revenue streams

b.       Actively manage finances to sustain future activities


5.       Support our volunteers and provide them with the right tools for us to be successful


a.       Develop people, build skills and competencies

b.       Employ at least a part time individual to complete administrative functions

c.       Use technology and resources to improve efficiency and create value

d.       Create areas of our website that provides information and awareness

e.       Create a membership portal that permits easy administration



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