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Living with Turner Syndrome Articles and Stories About girls with Turner Syndrome

We have a collection of personal stories below if you would like to contribute your own story please contact us

Personal Stories

Journey to MotherhoodTurner Syndrome Conference in Perth- Diane's story.

Journey to MotherhoodJourney to Motherhood - Emma's story of becoming a mum.

Girls Camp 2010Girls Camp 2010 - Good News Stories 2010 Camp from four youth who attended.

Conference in CopenhagenTurner Conference in Copenhagen – story of attending the International Turners Syndrome in Copenhagen in Aug 2009

Personal Turner Girl StoryPersonal Story from one of our girls

Starting a new SchoolStarting a new School – meeting the challenges of a fresh start. The transition from security of primary school into intermediate and/ or Secondary school

Parent Support - Help for parents of daughters with Turner Syndrome

Kasey's OtoplastyKasey’s Otoplasty – Kasey’s brave story of heart surgery, ear problems and cosmetic ear surgery and the decisions her parents had to make at the different times of her life.

Glue EarGlue Ear - Story of Kasey's endless ear problems

Life with Turners and Coeliac – Paula’s story as a 17 year old

Marina’s story- Living with Coeliac Disease and low thyroid function

Driving - Getting a drivers license can be a challenge!

Exercise - The benefits of looking after ourselves

Southern Support – Jacqui’s story a mothers perspective

Girls Camp 2009 - Lots of fun & photos

Taupo Iron Kids – A mother’s story of a proud day

My Koru Care Californian Adventure Holiday – Hannah’s story of a wonderful trip on Koru Cares 25th Anniversary to LA

Disney 2008 – Karisha’s, Bryony's and Claudia’s stories of their trip to Disney Land

African adventures – This is one of Kates many stories of her adventures and her last as Kate died November 2009, she is sadly missed on our committee

Turner Conference in Adelaide – Denise’s story of going to conference as a teenager

Weetbix Tryathlon – Victoria’s story of Karisha, Denise and Victoria having a go and sharing the event

Alyssa's Trip to Gold Coast - 2008